You Are Here!

Yes, you may need a map when you next visit the library. We’ve been busy rearranging book stacks, media, furniture, computers, desks — just about everything moveable has been moved.

It won’t take you long to become familiar with our new layout.  We’ve created separate area for adults, teens and children, a quiet study area and a reading area. You’ll find many places to use library computers or your laptop, and new carpeting will improve navigation and delineate areas.  Banners and wall hangings will help to control noise.

We ask you to bear with us while we’re in the middle of this redesign, which will take place over the next few month. This is our first makeover since the library opened on Weldon Road in 1980, and we’re sure that the finished interior will be a wonderful improvement!

Oh, and if you need a little map, you can pick one up at the Main Desk.

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